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I WON!!!

Posted by Dee ^_^ on May 1, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Full disclosure: My goal changed a few times throughout this entire process. With that being said, I WON Camp NaNoWriMo.

With the best of intentions, I started the month of April with the hope that I would commit 100 hours towards my current WIP. I set everything aside and planned out my days to ensure that I met the estimated writing hours per day. And, to be fair, I was off to a great start. I was hitting and even bypassing the quota. For once, it seemed that I would win a NaNo. Then, things changed. An ailing relative had taken a turn for the worst and nothing and no one could motivate me to start writing again. I just wanted to hide away from the world and even from myself because I was hurting.

Then, as that relative's birthday came and went I decided that this was not the way I wanted to honor his fight. And so, with determination and vigor renewed, I reduced the goal to 50 hours. And, again, things were looking up. And again, things got worse. He lost his fight and I lost mine. Even as I type this my throat is tight with unshed tears, but still, I persevered. Because he was nothing if he was not a fighter. I miss him, but I was determined to do this in his memory. So the goal went down once more.

30 hous later, here we are. There is still work to be done on this project but, as it is, I am one hour over my goal and feeling happy that I did not give up. In his memory, I am proud to say:



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